Download ready to use climate projections data for 4300 cities worldwide

Ready to use climate change data are processed with advanced methods to remove model biases, increase spatial resolution and control output quality. They are suitable for direct use in climate change impact studies and physical risk assessments.

City Map

5 climate variables

5 climate variables to chose from mean/minimum/maximum temperature, rainfall, and wind speed (solar radiation coming soon).

30 climate Indices

Also available a package of 30 climate indices such as heat waves duration, heating degree days or extremely wet days. 

All models & 2 RCP’s

Time series of all 22 models and emissions scenarios RCP4.5 and RCP 8.5 spanning 1950 to 2100 in a single data package. Available as daily or monthly values.

Select your city

Find your city by using the filters below one after the other to narrow down the list of data products